The light was so bright, blinding. I don’t know where I am, but when I tried to say and I only heard audible sounds that I cannot understand, it was obvious that I was dreaming.

I tried to open my eyes. Still dazzled until I decided to close my eyes for a moment. Slowly consciousness returned. I’m sure, right now I’m in my room, because of the light. It must have come from my bedroom window which becomes one with the roof of the house. Only light that can make me dream like that, a sign that the sun had risen.

This is another story I created for Visual Novel.

Main Character woke up hungry. He realized that he was locked in his room. After finding the keys and went outside, he realized that there was something strange. Too quiet. He was venturing out of the house after many month shut himself in his room, but circumstances beyond no longer the same.

estimated duration : +- 1hour

Route : 1 Good ending, many bad ending

Please check the link below and feel free to comment. Thanks…


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