Belajar Berprasangka Baik

Tulisan ini mengandung unsur SARA, ditujukan untuk umat Islam, menyinggung politik, dan penuh dengan pendapat personal dari penulis, sehingga tak bisa dibuktikan dengan ilmiah, juga karena tak ada sumber pasti dari berita yang disampaikan, hanya berdasarkan ingatan penulis. Lagipula kebenaran hanya ada di dalam hati masing-masing individu. Continue reading

Langit Biru (Visual Novel Game)

The light was so bright, blinding. I don’t know where I am, but when I tried to say and I only heard audible sounds that I cannot understand, it was obvious that I was dreaming.

I tried to open my eyes. Still dazzled until I decided to close my eyes for a moment. Slowly consciousness returned. I’m sure, right now I’m in my room, because of the light. It must have come from my bedroom window which becomes one with the roof of the house. Only light that can make me dream like that, a sign that the sun had risen. Continue reading

Pertemuan (Visual Novel Short Game)

“I’m sorry, am I allowed to sit here?”
I immediately turned towards the source of the sound. A woman.

“Please.” I said simply. I force my smile at her. She smiled with an expression that looks cheerful. I was just about to take a book from my bag, when she returned to speak.

“I’m sorry, I want to ask some questions. Do you wanna answer? ”

Continue reading